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News Flash…It’s Still Winter with Spring Just Around the corner!

Well folks, it’s still winter here in Northern Michigan. March came in like a lion and we’re hoping it will go out like a lamb. It’s currently a balmy 9 degrees. The fireplace is going and I’m bundled up accordingly. There’s a pot of chili simmering on the stove and cookies in the oven. Life is good! We hope that you’ll like the new “Check Our Availability Online.” Call us directly for information on multi-night room discounts.Towards the bottom on the each page you’ll also find “Click Here for Local Events in the Traverse City Area.” We have so much happening in our area and are conveniently located close to just about anything that you would like to do.

It won’t be long now!!!!! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Just a little reservation information! Yorkburg Manor Bed & Breakfast

John and I are getting ready for opening Spring of 2019. We’re going through some minor changes including upgrading our online reservation program to Resnexus. We would like everyone to know that we will also still be taking reservations directly and that you can call us at 231 267 5464 to make your reservation. Direct reservations will be given the multiple night discount and will include sales tax. That will encompass all rooms.

We look forward to hearing from previous guests as well as hearing from new ones. If you have any questions please feel free to call us @ 231 267 5464 and we will be happy to answer them. John and Judy 

Winter Up North at Yorkburg Manor

It’s been a while and we definitely do not have any fall colors left. It’s just white, white and more white and a balmy 10 degrees. The fireplace is going and our cat is curled up on her favorite blanket. We’ve been getting ready for spring guests and are currently taking reservations for our season which starts May 1st and ends October 31st. We’re in the process of changing our online reservation service to Resnexus but will remain taking direct reservations for all of our rooms. We hope this finds you all well and anxious for another beautiful spring/summer season in the Traverse City area and look forward to hearing from you soon. Judy & John